Lake Point Terrace

1706 Lake Point Dr. Madison, WI

Ansonia created significant value by making strategic improvements to reposition this 125-unit garden apartment community that was purchased off-market directly from the foreclosing lender.  Though occupancy had slipped below 60% and the property had suffered from years of neglectful ownership, Ansonia recognized a well-located infill community with appealing features and the opportunity to add value with new amenities.  Crisp new awnings, a new color scheme, and new exterior doors herald the renewal of this property, where occupancy has stabilized at 95% occupancy.  Residents appreciate the newly constructed Resident Lounge and Fitness Center, which also creates an inviting environment for prospects in the adjacent new leasing and management office. In-unit washer/dryers were installed in the largest apartments, offering a coveted amenity.  Building lobbies and hallways received a long overdue makeover utilizing a contemporary color scheme and upscale finishes and lighting.  Capital was invested in other areas as well, including a new high-efficiency heating plant to increase resident comfort while reducing energy consumption, new roofing, and select upgrades/replacements in the apartments.

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